Margaret Gaines  Welcome!  I enjoy reading and learning about how other photographers approach their craft, so I'm happy to share some of my story with you here.

I am primarily a nature photographer based out of a small town near Anchorage, Alaska.  Most of my photographs are taken near home because I enjoy returning to a place and getting to know it, and because I am a mom to two children who need me to be available to them much of the time.  Intimate landscapes, abandoned mines, close ups of beach creatures and Alaskan wildlife top my list of favorite subjects to photograph and write about.    I do get to travel around the state and try to explore some of the less well known spots around Alaska.  I hope I use my camera in such a way as to connect the viewer of my photographs with the amazing places I can visit that most people only dream about.

I take two approaches to processing my images.  The first is to process and play with them to my hearts content working towards fine art images suitable for decorating homes and businesses.  The second approach appeals to the biologist in me, taking a more realistic approach suitable for decorating as well as for stock photography.

My goal when making an image is to create a piece of art that makes the viewer happy and helps them feel connected to the subject.  When I was forced to work in offices and cubicles, I felt extremely sad and separated from the outdoors.  If I can help someone feel a little less isolated or trapped when they are indoors doing their daily routine, all of my hard work has been worth it.

In addition to photography I enjoy working with my hands and taught myself to make wire and beaded jewelry.  I am incorporating my photographs into some of my jewelry pieces and learning new techniques that I hope will take my jewelry and photography in a whole new direction. 

Thanks for checking out my About Me page.  Now you may like to see what I've written in my blog, Intimate Alaska, where I share details about my photographs and living in Alaska.  Or, check my gallery of images that are available as prints or my Etsy store where my jewelry is also available to view or purchase.